Change history for ESRF - ID23-2


Date/time of ChangeAttributePrevious ValueUpdated Value
2019-04-11 05:13:37 Special Capabilities Absorption Edges, Microfocus Automatic Crystal Alignment, High Throughput, Micro-diffraction
2019-04-11 05:05:02 Spot Size (mm): Height 0.003 0.003-0.030
2019-04-11 05:04:43 Special Capabilities Details Fast translations for large area raster scanning
2019-04-11 05:04:07 Experiments Details Microfocus
2019-04-11 05:03:28 Primary Contact: Email mnanao at embl dot fr nanao at e s r f . Fr
2019-04-11 05:02:53 Spot Size (mm): Width 0.01 0.004-0.010
2019-04-11 05:02:34 Spot Size (mm): Height 0.01 0.003
2019-04-11 05:02:17 Optics Details Focusing mirrors: one pair of (300x40x15) mm3 long Pt coated Si mirror, 260mm usable, in a Kirkpatrick-Baez geometry; Compound Refractive Lenses for vertical focus and flat multilayer mirrors for horizontal focus
2019-04-11 04:59:43 Mirrors Pt coated Multilayer
2019-04-11 04:59:15 Robotics: More Info The Sample Changer has been designed for use with SPINE standard sample holders and vials, which are loaded into the SC in baskets specifically designed for the SCs. The goniometer head that must be used in conjunction with the SCs is equipped with a SmartMagnet. This detects whether a sample is mounted on the goniometer head or not. Each indivudual SmartMagnet is tuned for operation on a particular beam-line and a goniometer head must NOT be taken from one beam-line for use on another. FLEX-HCD with SPINE pucks only
2019-04-11 04:57:26 Sample Handling: Robotics
2019-04-11 04:55:18 Sample Handling: Robotics EMBL Grenoble Sample Changer (SC3)
2019-04-11 04:40:53 Goniometer Modified Maatel Mini-diffractometer (MD2M) Arinax MD3 vertical axis with mini kappa
2014-03-13 06:53:10 Detector: Model MARMOSAIC 225 DECTRIS PILATUS 2M-F
2014-03-13 06:53:01 Detector: Type CCD PIXEL
2014-03-13 06:52:39 Secondary Contact: Email
2014-03-13 06:52:36 Secondary Contact: Name Sean McSweeney
2012-11-23 04:19:47 Primary Contact: Email mnanao at embl dot fr
2012-11-23 04:19:28 Primary Contact: Name David Flot Max Nanao