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National Synchrotron Light Source

was located at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY
NSLS ceased operation 30th September 2014.

NSLS website


Beamlines (xtal) Owner/Operator StatusExperimentsWavelength (Å)
X3A Sloan-Kettering Institute, Rockefeller University, Case Western Reserve University DecommissionedMAD0.84 - 1.85
X3B Case Western Reserve University, Center for Synchrotron Biosciences, CASE Center for Proteomics DecommissionedEXAFS0.932 - 3.267
X4A New York Structural Biology Center DecommissionedMAD, SAD.620 - 3.54
X4C New York Structural Biology Center DecommissionedMAD, SADinfo not available
X6A NIH/NIGMS/NSLS DecommissionedMAD, SAD0.54 - 2.1
X8C National Research Council Canada, BNL-Bio, Hoffmann-La Roche, BiogenIdec DecommissionedMAD0.6
X9A Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Sloan-Kettering Institute, Rockefeller University, Case Western Reserve University No - X9A ceased operation in May 2006 when it was physically moved to X3A where operation resumed in October 2006MAD0.84 - 1.85
X9B Case Western Reserve University No - as of October 2006 this beamline was moved to X3B. Any datasets collected from that time forward should be reported as NSLS Beamline X3BSAXS, WAXS0.82 - 2.48
X12B BNL Biology Dept. DecommissionedMAD0.95 - 1.61
X12C BNL Biology Dept. DecommissionedMAD0.8 - 2.5
X25 BNL NSLS & Biology Dept. DecommissionedMAD, TIME RESOLVED LAUE0.4 - 4.0
X26C Cold Spring Harbor, SUNY Stony Brook, BNL Bio, Georgia Research Alliance DecommissionedMAD, SAD, TIME RESOLVED LAUE0.8 - 1.8
X29A PXRR Brookhaven Biology and Case Proteomics Center-Case Western Reserve DecommissionedMAD, SAD0.83 - 1.8

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About Structural Biology at NSLS

case.gif Case Western Reserve University Center for Synchrotron Bioscisnces
a website listing the beamlines, technology, personnel and projects of the CSB, includes full beamline and user information. beamlines: X3A, X3B, X28C, U2B and X29

hbar_pxnsls.gif Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography at the National Synchrotron Light Source
a website with technical and administrative information about all beamlines for macromolecular crystallography at NSLS

About Structural Genomics at NSLS

nysgrc_biglogo.gif New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium
one of the seven NIH-funded structural genomics projects. NYSGRC is using beamlines X9A, X12B/C, X25 for the project.

TBLogo.jpg The TB Structural Genomics Consortium
A world-wide consortium of scientists developing a foundation for tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment by determining the 3-dimensional structures of proteins from M. tuberculosis.